Malibu Volleyball Club

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Why Volleyball?

“Kids these days…” The reality is kids are growing up with a ton of screen time. Rather it is them being online doing homework, on their phones, watching Netflix… there will be a very real premium for people who are good with face to face interactions. Volleyball will force them to interact with people face to face; coaches, teammates, officials.. etc. Now the question of, “why volleyball” is clear, volleyball is a fun and healthy way for kids to learn life lessons that will give them an advantage in a quickly changing world.

Why Malibu Volleyball Club?

We offer a tremendous coaching staff with years of successful experience coaching at the high school, club, and college levels. However, our experience is just one key factor, because the bigger key is how we figure out how to make your child successful in their journey. Our coaching philosophy has two cornerstones: #1 teaching life lessons through sport and #2 understanding why you do what you do.

Malibu Volleyball Club
Malibu, California
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